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Guide to Solo Travel in Jacksonville, Florida

7 Things To Do for Solo Travelers in JAX

Sometimes you just want to be with yourself and that’s alright even when you are traveling. You and your plus one don’t have to agree on a schedule, no kid diapers to change or a “quick” work meeting. The truth is we think so, too. But traveling solo is more than leaving everyone behind. It’s about expanding your comfort zone. You have no limits. You get to make new friends, discover new attractions and spend less too–no one tugging your shoulder sleeves asking you to buy this or that.

People come to Jax for many different reasons – concerts, conferences, meetings, shopping! Whatever brings you here, consider extending your trip to explore on your own. Jacksonville has so many things to do!

Already interested? Let’s look at how to explore Jacksonville alone!

Little Talbot Island Park

A1A North | +1 904-251-2320

How best do you start solo travel? At a secluded island of course! Little Talbot Island is one of a handful of undeveloped barrier islands remaining in Northeast Florida. Little Talbot offers unspoilt natural beauty and a variety of habitats for visitors to explore. It has more than 5 miles of immaculate beaches and 3 miles of bike trails. Whether you want to hike the dune ridge trail or paddle the Simpson creek or even simply bird watching, Little Talbot has you covered. And if you’re thinking of accessibility options or your furry friends, relax, Talbot caters to all. Just imagine that, only you, in a secluded natural island, well taken care of; isn’t that paradise? We forbid you from checking your emails there.

Things to do for solo travelers in Jacksonville Florida - Little Talbot Island

Jacksonville Surf and Paddle School

222 First St, Neptune Beach | +1 904-372-9083

The thing about solo vacations is that it makes you in charge of your schedule. You’re available to learn new things–cool ones like surfing and paddling. You might be wondering, is it possible to learn surfing within your two weeks vacation? Leave that to the instructors. Just bring your energy. Jacksonville Surf and Paddle school has private sessions all week  where  you’d have personal attention to determine proper technique, board selection, wave judgement, and learn refined maneuvers with the surfboard. There is also a cheaper option of a public class with a student to teacher ratio of 5:1. This is great for meeting new people or on your next visit with family. But for now, let’s just focus on helping you ride the next wave. Pricing starts from $50. You don’t have to bother about gear, just bring in the energy!

Fishing in Jacksonville

Bet you didn’t see this coming! While this deserves its own story, let’s give you a quick overview. Jacksonville is situated south of Georgia and right on the St. Johns River where it convenes with the Atlantic Ocean. With over 1,110 miles of interior shorelines and  a mixture of fresh and saltwater options you can cast a line from a bridge or pier along Jacksonville’s riverfront, or sail out of one of the many marinas that dot the waterfront.

Things to do for solo travelers in Jacksonville Florida - fishing in the ST Johns River

Ready to fish? Hold your horses you’ll need a license that can easily be purchased from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission online. Another option is fishing charters. It is one the best ways for newcomers to learn from an expert fishing guide and also support the local economy. Isn’t that great? Some of the popular fishes in Jacksonville include the King Mackerel–it even has a tournament attached to it, Cobia, Red Snapper and others. Depending on your travel dates, Jacksonville is almost always hosting a fishing tournament. Be sure to ask the locals so that you can participate. Now, who’s ready to fish!

Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens

829 Riverside Ave | +1 904-356-6857

Jacksonville is not new to art as the Cummer Museum has been established since 1958. Whether you are an art lover, gardener or neither, get ready to be impressed. With a permanent collection of over 5000 works dating from 2100 BCE to the twenty first century, the collection is particularly strong in European and American paintings. There are also significant holdings of Meissen porcelain. Located within central Jacksonville, there are three flower gardens on the museum grounds, the oldest dating back to 1903. These gardens have been maintained in their original shape for over a century and were designed by landscape architects such as the Olmsted Brothers and Ellen Biddle Shipman. The museum is open all week usually between 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and admission fee is $15 but some days have free admission. Accessibility options are also available. Just come ready to be enthralled.

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Go Tuk’n

249 Parker Street |  +1 904-322-8444

If you’ve not been to Jax before you’re probably wondering what Go Tuk’n is. Go Tuk’n is a tour, private event, and urban transportation company that is locally owned and operated. They create a more intimate experience for their guests with their majority fleet of authentic European Tuk Tuks. Tuk Tuks? These are eco-friendly three-wheeled luxury cars designed for tours and transit. The best way to fully understand Go Tuk’n is by checking them out. Go Tuk’n tours are designed around an experience. For example, you have their Residential Architectural and History tour, a 3 hour long trip that will take you through Avondale and give you a mini lesson with a certified tour guide. It’s an amazing experience as they have Art tours, Brewery tours, Scavenger tours and a whole lot of others. Pricing for adults is usually around $75. They’re open all week between 8:30 a.m. and 9 p.m.

If you thought that was all to being a solo traveler in Jacksonville, you’re wrong. Check out our list of rooftop restaurants in Jacksonville for a delicious rooftop dinner.

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