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Ultimate Guide to Amusement Parks in Jacksonville, Fl.

As a parent, you are always searching for fun ways to engage your children. And there is nothing short of that at the amusement parks. With multiple rides and  attractions, there is something to always match their energy and ensure they are engaged. The icing on the cake is when they’ve had their fill, they say their thanks and you feel like the parent of the year–but it’s only for that day because, kids…

However, at the Jacksonville Traveller, we want to ensure you remain the parent of the year or even the uncle or auntie of the year, therefore here’s a list of the amazing amusement parks, trampoline parks and adventure parks in Jacksonville.

Adventure Landing Jacksonville Beach

1944 Beach Blvd, Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250  Tel: 904-246-4386

Adventure Landing and Shipwreck Island Water Park in Jacksonville Beach, is the largest Family Entertainment Center in northeast Florida offering individual & family fun for all ages. Since its opening in 1995, it has attracted over 5,000,000 visitors. When it comes to the fun, it never stops, Wanna play tag? Try laser tag in their multi-level arena? Been promising your little astronaut a trip to the moon? Settle with a max flight coast simulator. Of course, we can’t forget about our wacky worm roller coaster ride where it feels like your heart is going to jump out. And all these are just a tip of the iceberg compared to their offers. Pricing is between $30 and $40, while kids under three are free. Adventure Landing is open all week usually between 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.  There are also extra fees on particular rides but the experience is totally worth it.

Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park

9950 Southside Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32256 Tel: 904-712-4457

Fun doesn’t always have to be associated with ruffling on the grass or enjoying the sunlight, sometimes the best adventures are indoors. Urban Air is one of those fun indoor parks. They claim to be the ultimate indoor adventure park and a destination for family fun. This is supported by their numerous awards such as Best Place to Take Energetic Kids in Fort Worth Child Magazine and even the number one entertainment franchise in Entrepreneur. Okay enough of the awards, what are their attractions? Ever heard of indoor skydiving? ropes course? All and more in  Urban Air. They’ve also got the classics such as Go Karts and Laser Tag. Well, this list would be incomplete without their famous trampolines. Pricing starts from $15 but more activities means more money. Already thinking of taking your little ones there? They are open usually from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Surge Adventure Park

9292 Arlington Expy, Jacksonville, FL 32225 Tel: 904-374-5682

When we talk about kids, we know their love for extreme sports. While they have the energy, they are definitely not ready to climb Mt. Everest. They can settle with some rock climbing walls, foam pits and basketball dunking lanes. Where else to enjoy all of that than at Surge adventure park? Located in Regency park, Surge is an indoor air-conditioned adventure park facility with wall to wall trampolines, flying trapeze, foam pit and others. This is really one fun place to jump and burn off some energy. And if you’re still not impressed, get ready for their ninja course. Oh, don’t worry, no knives. Jumping rates start from $16/hr but discounts with more time. Additional fees include surge safety socks. Ready for the parent of the year award? They are open all week, usually between 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Bravoz Entertainment Center

14985 Old St Augustine Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32258 Tel: 904-300-0070

If we’re talking about cool indoor parks, we’ve got to mention Bravoz’s 40,000 feet of fun and play center. Brazos is a premium entertainment center with over 10 unique attractions perfect for any age. Located in Durbin Crossing, Bravos is sure to elevate your excitement with their laser tags and their jump arena. Ready to take it a step further, try out their laser maze where you must decide if you’re a mazer or a buster in their impossible vault or their leap of faith where you test your agility and skill on three unique climbing walls. You can also enjoy  your time at Bravos with their special activities like parents night out or their special fitness class for kids and adults. Pricing starts from $9 depending on the child’s height and is quite limited. Bravos is open all week, usually between 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Flight Adventure Park

7022 AC Skinner Parkway, Suite 200, Jacksonville, FL 32256  Tel: 904-551-4035

Where is the coolest trampoline park in Jacksonville? Flight Adventure says it’s in their park. And we daresay it may be true. At this local Flight trampoline park, Jacksonville families have 17,000 square feet of wall-to-wall trampoline zones to enjoy! Thinking of throwing an epic birthday party for your kids? Want them to attend a fantastic playdate, or make amazing new friends? Think Flight Adventure. At flight adventure your kids get to experience the ultimate slam dunk—with lots of extra hang-time in their super bouncy basketball court or game at their arcade where they can rack up points and take home a cool prize. Pricing for a 60-minute jump time with a child under four is $11. Flight Adventure is open all week from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Hanna Park

942 Wonderwood Dr, Jacksonville, FL 32233  Tel: 904-249-4700

Located in Hanna park, the kids splash park is a fun place to engage your kids in the water park. Managed by the City of Jacksonville, this is one of the largest splash pads the city has to offer and it never feels crowded. Everything feels great here as you enjoy the ocean breeze wafting across or the cool shade for you to watch your kids. Heck, even the mist from the splash pads feels great. The splash park also feels like a plus as there are many other activities to enjoy in Kathryn’s park from hiking to fishing. Lots of space also for picnics and cookouts. Early bird admission into the park costs $5. Also the park is open everyday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Having fun with the kids is not hard in Jacksonville. With multiple parks across the bold city, each having their own specialties, you and your littles ones are sure to have a splendid time. Whether it’s hot and sunny and you want to cool off at a water park, or it’s a stormy day and you need indoor activities, this list is sure to give you some ideas for the next time the kids are “bored.”

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